Mesoamerica’s IZAPA Temple Center (1500 BC-400 AD) So. Mexico located at 15 degrees North Latitude-Calendar Round dates recorded from 3120 BC.

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                         Izapa Sacred Space by V. Garth Norman                                                                 Birthplace of the Maya Calendar                                                       Home of  the Tree of Life

Izapa located at 14.8° North Latitude is the birthplace of the Sacred 260-Day Maya Calendar–discovered by Dartmouth Professor Dr. Vincent Malmström (1973, 1997–Cycles of the Sun, Mysteries of the Moon: The Calendar in Mesoamerican Civilization).

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  Mesoamerica Formative era major sites: 1500 B.C. to 250 A.D

The Antiquities of Mesoamerica were constructed using BABYLONIAN and EGYPTIAN CUBITS (First reported by Garth Norman at the Sixth Palenque Round Table, 1986, Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico).

Western Guatemala’s POPOL VUH – Sacred book of the Quiche Maya originally written in Spanish ca. 1550 (Recinos 1950:5, 77-80)  

“Preamble. . .This is the Quiche, by the tribes of the Quiche nation. . .”the Popol Vuh, as it is called, cannot be seen any more in which was clearly seen as the COMING FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SEA . . . . Great were the descriptions and the account of how all the sky and earth were formed, how it was formed and divided into four parts, how it was partitioned, and how the sky was divided, and the measuring-cord was brought, and it was stretched in the sky and over the earth, on the four angles, on the four corners, as was told by the Creator of and the Maker, the Mother and the Father of Life. . .”

June 20-27, 2010 The Maya Conservancy (Georgeanne Johnson-President) sponsored a tour with 13 Quiche and a dozen Maya scholars.

Quiche Mayan Elders performed their sacred 260 Day ceremony at Izapa for the first time in 1,000 years, to witness this important site as a possible ancient temple center of their ancestors. Here it is believed the Maya calendar originated during the Late Preclassic formative period (c.a.400 B.C.). Right – Rigoberto Itzep clothed in Ceremonial white with headscarf, shawl, apron and sash. He burns incense as he blesses the Izapa Temple Center.

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L-R: Sergio Navas, Rudolfo Juan Flores, Alberto, Garth Norman, Jason Jones

Izapa Visitor Center: Artist Israel Ramos, Owner Antonio D’amiano Atristain & wife Mirna Janet standing in front of the new Center.

The Cubit Connection: Babylonian and Egyptian Cubit standards were used to construct Mesoamerican antiquities.

LaVenta Park - Royal Babylonian Cubit measures

Olmec (1500 B.C.- 500 B.C.) LaVenta Park Stela carving was created using the Royal Babylonian Cubit.


Izapa, Mexico (500 B.C. – 600 A.D.) Stone monuments were created with Babylonian cubit measurements.

Palenque Palace - T Window measure

Maya (200 A.D.- 800 A.D.) Palenque Palace, Mexico – T Window created with Babylonian Cubit measurements.

“The Mother and Father of Life, he who gives breath and thought, she who gives birth to the children, he who watches over the happiness of the people, the happiness of the human race, the wise man, he who meditates on the goodness of all that exists in the sky, on the earth, in the lakes and in the sea.” (Popol Vuh Recinos 1950:5, 78-80)

Click to view Maya Ceremony at Izapa–Dec. 3, 2010: Dias de las Mujer

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