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Cubit Connection in Ancient World Migrations. ( Evidence of ancient trans-oceanic migrations, as required by the Book of Mormon. Archaeologist V. Garth Norman has traveled world-wide since the 1980’s compiling data revealing the transport of ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian standard measures & geometric design formats from the third millennium B.C.E. by land and sea across the Americas & the Orient that prevailed in Mesoamerica and Peru for nearly three millennia. Jim Reed, Editor of the Institute of Maya Studies states: “Garth Norman has proven trans-oceanic connections between the civilizations of the ancient Americas and the Middle East by revealing the use of the Babylonian & Egyptian cubits, and geometric design used to build the pyramids, architecture, and art of the antiquities in the Americas.” 160 pages, 240+ color photos, 12 tables, World Antiquities Chronology Timeline, & Bibliography.

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Izapa Sacred Space: Sculpture Calendar Codex (Above)-  Birthplace of the Maya Calendar by V. Garth Norman- Archaeologist, Epigrapher, Archaeo-astronomer (2012).  Izapa is the Birthplace of the Sacred Maya 260-Day Calendar which is measured at Izapa from August 13 to April 30.  The book has 280 pages replete with original photos by the author of Izapa stelae, line tracings and site maps and illustrations.  Also, most recent RTI digital photo of Stela 5 “Tree of Life” monument that verifies the original 1965 photos and Norman’s original photos and drawings. (Order English Edition on: — Order Spanish Edition–on right–from 



Izapa – A Self-Guided Tour Book (English & Spanish) by V. Garth Norman 2010 – Printed in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Available by contacting:




Izapa Sculpture: Album (1973) & Text (1976). Papers of the New World Archaeological Foundation in 2 Volumes (#30 Album and Text). Provo. ( (For lowest price:












The Parowan Gap-Nature’s Perfect Observatory by V. Garth Norman. Cedar Fort Publications, Springville, 2007. (

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