Izapa Temple Restoration

6:13 am

LARGEST TEMPLE CENTER on Pacific Coast of Southern Mesoamerica (Olmec: 1500 BC & Izapan: 500 B.C.-Mayan 200 A.D.).

Izapa has 33 PYRAMIDS & 10 PLAZAS, 90+ CARVED STONE STELAE.  The Izapan cultural period influenced virtually all of the rising ancient Mesoamerican cultures –1) BABYLONIAN & EGYPTIAN cubits measured ancient structures,  2) the SACRED 260 DAY calendar originated at Izapa, & 3) ancient CHOCOLATE commerce  throughout Mesoamerica came from the region of Izapa (Norman 2015; Coe: 2015). 

Calendar - CR Map 2                      OLMEC——IZAPAN*——MAYA                          1500 BC——-500 BC——-200AD

  • Izapa-located at 14.8° North Latitude-where the Sun Zenith Passage measures SACRED 260 DAYS (August 13 to April 30) discovered by Dartmouth Professor Dr. Vincent Malmström (1973, 1997-Cycles of the Sun, Mysteries of the Moon: The Calendar in Mesoamerican Civilization.
  • Stelae are aligned astronomically to Sun, Moon & Venus cycle rises on the eastern horizon.
  • CALENDAR ROUND at Izapa has a continuous running day count from creation of 3120 B.C., the Base Date of the Maya Creation 260 Day Ceremony.
  • Ancient BABYLONIAN & EGYPTIAN cubits and Ancient Geometry were used to create the stone carvings and the Temple Center planning and positioning of Mounds.
  • The human LIFE CYCLE STORY carved on monuments, expresses man’s creation from a pre-mortal realm, mortal road of life and immortal destiny back to the heavenly realm.
  • Some POPOL VUH Stories (sacred book of the Quiche Maya of Guatemala) are represented on some Izapa carved stelae.

2-2Izapa Horizon w Venus on top

“E” (above)=position of the Zenith Sun Passages on August 13 & April 30 on Izapa’s eastern horizon. Yellow in the circle below shows the 260 days measured between the two appearances of the Zenith Sun Passage at Izapa when there are no shadows at noon.

A-37-3 Izapa Circle Cal

“260 Days is the 9 month creation, gestation, zenith cycle ending with the birth of a human baby–the summum bonum of all creation” (Norman 2015:90). 


       AS S-10 VGN NWAF







Stela 8 (above) begins 260 days (human gestation time)             Stela 10 (right) shows a spirit child in clouds descending to its pregnant mother by a Tree of Life at end of the 260 day Count.

Izapa Plaza B’s “Throne” (next to the left pillar) aligns with the Sun Zenith Passages and also the constellation Orion. 


August 13, 2012 crowd at Izapa raise their hands at noon and shout when the Zenith sun is directly overhead and casts no shadow. 






Garth Norman gave an hour presentation about the “Izapa Temple Observatory” on live streaming for Tapachula, Mexico’s 90th Anniversary of their Cultural Museum which was their Municipal Palace. 10 minutes of music and dance begins this Celebration. Tony Alfaro translated for me.
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