Biography, Short Bibliography

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V. Garth Norman, ARCON, Inc. Archaeologist, Archaeo-Astronomer, Epigrapher–Director, Principal Investigator. Norman has specialized in Epigraphy and Archaeoastronomy of Izapa and its monuments for over 40 years. Norman’s pioneering study of Izapa Sculpture for the New World Archaeological Foundation resulted in three publications (4 & 5 below), all definitive foundational works for ongoing Izapa research. His current Izapan studies are rewriting Formative Mesoamerican history and their influence through migrations to South and North America (4 below). Norman holds graduate degrees in Ancient Studies and in Archaeology-Anthropology from Brigham Young University. He is affiliated with many research organizations and has participated internationally with numerous professional symposiums, most frequently with the Society for American Archaeology (SAA). He has lectured widely, including at the National Museum of Anthropology and History in Mexico City on the “Origin of the Maya Calendar at Izapa” (August 17, 2012), and has given lectures from 2010 to 2018 in Tapachula & Tuxtla Chico, Chiapas, Mexico. Garth and his wife Cheryl are the parents of three married daughters, 16 grandchildren (4 married) and six greatgrandchildren. Norman’s books are listed for sale on

       Cubit Connection in Ancient World Migrations (2018)

Izapa Sacred Space: Sculpture Calendar Codex (2015) Birthplace of the Maya sacred 260-Day Calendar.

Izapa – A Self-guided Tour Book (2010) in English & Spanish

Astronomical Orientations of Izapa Sculptures. 1980. Original sightings of Izapa Sculptures, Mounds and Monuments to the eastern horizon sun, moon, star and planet rises.

Izapa Sculpture: Album & Text  (New World Archaeological Foundation: 1973, 1976) Leading authority in iconographic research of Izapan (early Maya) culture.

The Parowan Gap-Nature’s Perfect Observatory. 2007 where the Izapan 260-Day sacred calendar was defined in petroglyphs and with rock cairns.

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Parowan Gap Archaeological Project, Preservation Enhancement (1993-2004). Major project with federal and private funding under contract with Parowan City and Iron County. Conducted archaeological preservation-enhancement study of the famous Parowan Gap petroglyph site. Emphasized archaeology and archaeo-astronomy investigations of petroglyphs and related sites.

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