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IZAPA, MEXICO TEMPLE OBSERVATORY (Olmec: 1500 BCE, Izapan: 500 BCE) the BIRTHPLACE OF THE SACRED 260-DAY MAYA CALENDAR at 15 degrees North Latitude. 

by V. Garth Norman

Map shows N-S-E-W locations of Izapa Observatory stelae



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LEFT=WEST (Sept. 21=New Year) http://www.garthnorman.com/izapa-observatory-stelae-photos-1965-2018/

BOTTOM=SOUTH http://www.garthnorman.com/izapa-stelae-plazas-south-sides-1965-2018-photos/

RIGHT=EAST http://www.garthnorman.com/izapa-stelae-plazas-east-sides-1965-2018-photos/

TOP=NORTH http://www.garthnorman.com/izapa-stelae-plazas-north-sides-1965-2018-photos/

1966 Early Least Weathered NWAF Photo of Izapa Stela 5 “Tree of Life” Chiastic Carving. (Photo by Cordelle Andersen & V. Garth Norman). Stela 5 aligns to August 13 Zenith passage that begins the Maya 260-Day Sacred Creation Count.

Stela 5 is a Popol Vuh (Book of the People) narrative (Recinos 1950:79-80). It celebrates the family, with heavenly parents (standing in the air), “the Creator and the Maker, the Mother and the Father of Life, of all created things.”. The Popol Vuh’s six Ancestral family members seated on the ground panel (base of tree) are: L-R = Mother, Father, 2 sons with backs to tree. Right sideThe grain headdress of the 1st person under the umbrella represents an Egyptian Grain God named NEPRI. [1].

The Maya five World Ages History Tree Trunk begins at 3120 BCE up to 2012 CE (top left line)=5200 years of Izapan-Mayan world history (see picture below). The back of a man’s head (2/3 up left of tree), shows him being figuratively reborn from the tree, like a human branch, into the heavenly Tamoanchan paradise at the start of the 13th Baktun–winter solstice 2012 CE (AD). The 12 Tree Roots represent Ancestors in Mayan cosmology.

Stela 5 Tree records Maya Five World Ages (Norman 2015: 182).

[1] https://www.ancient.eu/article/885/egyptian-gods—the-complete-list/)

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