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Izapa to NS AmericasNazca, Peru dates from 100 B.C. near the Pacific Ocean. Astronomical orientations, geometry, & standard measures are the same as Izapa’s–ca.1500 B.C. + new styles at 500 B.C.

Izapa, Mexico – 14.8 degrees North Latitude-Sun Zenith Passages August 13 & April 30 = 260 Days


Nazca, Peru – 14.8 degrees South Latitude-Sun Zenith Passages Feb 12 & Oct. 31 = 260 Days

Nazca 1 001 -Tree-1

Nazca, Peru gigantic lines portray the same symbols and designs that are at the Izapa, Mexico Temple Center. The man, the fertility and the woman lines are drawn in the sand at Nazca, Peru to represent the 260-Day (9 month) human fertility cycle.Nazca 1- M-F-2

A - Peru 7 IMG_2770Cahuachi Temple, Peru near Nazca, Peru. The sacred Geometry of the Cahuachi Temple is shown in the drawing below which includes astronomical orientations to the sacred 260-Day sun passages.Cahuachi Geo



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